Who We Are ?


I see a unique beauty in every single face, and love nothing more than to accentuate and perfect each individually ‘Natural Inner Glow’.

The Beginning

Morshed embarked on a career in the beauty industry as a child, watching his grandad Ramadan Emam- the personal makeup artist for Shadia, Hind Rostom and many more. along after, as a teenager, he started working on his passion assisting his uncle Gamal Emam- personal makeup artist for Laila Elwy and Yusra. He had worked on the sets of major film producers, fashion and beauty campaigns alongside the industry's most influential photographers, models and designers by the age of 20. Morshed scored his first movie at the age of 23 which was “Short W Fanela W Cap” starring Ahmed el Sakka, Nour, Sherif Mounir, and so many more.

The Art

Through years of working for various media, fashion events and real-life brides, Morshed gained a talent for classic technique and a familiarity with products that has helped cement his status as a master makeup artist. Renowned for his ability to create a flawless face, Morshed specializes in subtle transformations, helping women draw out the best version of their natural complexion and features. his emphasis on blending, sculpting and highlighting has established him as a perfectionist, capable of achieving picture-perfect looks. Morshed relies on traditional, tried-and-true techniques to achieve modern, fashion-forward results, consistently creating clean, iconic looks.

The Journey

After over two decades of working in the beauty industry, Morshed has secured a place among the world's best and most well-known makeup artists. he has collaborated on countless editorials and red carpet looks for royalty queens, presidents, celebrities, all of which showcase the skill, talent, personality and attention to detail that Morshed brings to every transformation seen in several magazines, print, fashion shows, newspapers, television and growing. not only his work in Egypt has been recognized but yet influential in the middle east and Europe too by casting a live show in Italy “Cosmo Prof”.

The Artist

His radiant nature, well-polished skills and contagious smile have made him the favorite among celebrities. Morshed doesn’t focus solely on a “strike” face, he also works to make his clients feel beautiful and attractive outside to match the inside beautiful soul. his turning point he says” one client was disfigured due to a car accident and after I did her makeup she looked in the mirror and cried saying” she’d never felt more beautiful, which felt exceptional.” beauty is art; Mahmoud Morshed the painter.

The Dream Becoming Reality

Continuing to display a strong passion for expressing himself creatively and is now watching his dreams become a reality, he established his own “Morshed makeup studio” featuring a whole crew to work as passionately to serve the fast growing clientele base and media orders. By travelling to Slovenia for a movie photo shoot, he decided to further his makeup studies at the makeup designers, where he studied advanced makeup and have now been featured as a certified instructor.

The school

Morshed felt the urge to educate women how to use makeup in the right way. many girls wonder: how do i use this brush? how to blend eyeshadow? how can i find the right foundation color? noticing the endless amount of questions that girls have and decided to create his first accredited school in Egypt “Morshed makeup school” that has been working for 4 years now consecutively graduating hundreds of professional makeup artists in Egypt.

The Color Red

“My imagination has always been active. I was an artistic child with too much creativity and time on my hands! this quickly evolved into a serious love of makeup and I remember my first lipstick purchase was deep red, I can’t begin to count the number of women I tried it on that time. my sister, mom, aunt, friends, neighbors… everyone got the same shade, and I must say, it still remains my favorite shade of red.

The Face-Off

“I love every part of the face. I enjoy watching the way the muscles move under the skin as someone is talking to me! I love evaluating the face shape and thinking about ways to enhance and perfect the features. I’m a big believer in color, probably because I was born in a warm, bright country. “


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Team Members


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Morshed Team

Hassan Nageh
Professional makeup artist
Mostafa Ibrahim
Professional makeup artist
Mohamed Reda
Professional makeup artist - Microblading specialist
Ahmed Hassan
Professional makeup artist - Microblading specialist
Ahmed Morshed
Professional makeup artist - Microblading specialist