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Why choose Morshed Makeup School?

If we are talking about makeup school, then we have to mention Morshed Makeup School as it’s the only professional makeup school in Egypt as it characterized with:

  • - Studying in Morshed makeup school is based on a certified content that fits the latest makeup trends by using The latest makeup products.
  • - Internationally accredited makeup instructors.
  • - The students are able to apply 42 makeup applications along the 128 hours of the course without affording any extra budget for the models and materials.
  • - The makeup products used in Morshed makeup school are up to date with the latest makeup trends.
  • - Morshed makeup school offers a training opportunity for the school graduates in one of the Satellite TV channels, and also a good chance for the committed makeup artists to be a part of Morshed makeup team.

Makeup Course Details

Morshed Make-Up School Profile:

A school by make-up artists, for make-up artists. Morshed Makeup School was founded in 2013 in Egypt, we had graduated more than 650 Professional Makeup Artist.

Description for Primary Module - Natural Makeup:

This course is designed as an introduction to beauty make-up with an emphasis on the techniques required today in this multi-faceted industry. Regardless of which of these areas you intend to work in, mastery of beauty make-up is a must.

In this course you will start by learning facial analysis, base matching and application, correction, contours, and highlights – as well as a focus on eyes and lips. The course concludes with complete make-up applications ranging from one 100% corrective to natural makeup. Hours: 70 Course Instructor: Mr. Mohamed Reda. Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites associated with this course.

3.5 Make-up Theory Unit

  • - Able to answer questions regarding a positive attitude and a professional and sanitary work space.
  • - Able to highlight and shadow two-dimensional objects to look like three-dimensional objects.
  • - Able to identify bone structure, skin tone, skin condition, coloration, imperfections, and the positive and the negative aspects of the face.

10.5 Foundation Unit

Able to identify skin undertones and shades. He or she is able to identify the correct make-up that matches the model’s skin tone. Able to properly apply base to a model in an even application.

7.0 Corrective Unit

Able to apply concealers to correct negative colors and blemishes in as thin an application as possible.

7.0 Contouring Unit

Able to correct the nose shape using shadow and highlight with cream and powder products. Able to apply highlight and shadows for the cheekbone and jawline.

21.0 Eye Unit

  • - Able to correct eyebrows using the classic eyebrow theory and graphs.
  • - Able to correct the various eye shapes with highlight and shadow.
  • - Able to apply the four Classic eyeliner positions. The student will be able to do the point-to-point method with: cake liner (wet applied), powder, pencil, and creams.
  • - Able to curl eyelashes and apply mascara.
Able to apply false eyelashes.

7.0 Lip Unit

  • - Able to apply lip color. He or she will be able to load the brush and use the point-to-point method to apply the color.
  • - Able to correct lips using pencils and lip colors.

10.5 Natural Make-up Unit

- Able to apply a natural make-up. Student will complete the application in 40 minutes.

3.5 Assessment

- Able to pass written exam. - Able to pass 100% Corrective Make-up Final Exam.

Description for Advanced Module - Bridal Makeup:

This course is designed to learn the professional techniques employed by professional makeup artists to become a successful professional bridal makeup artist with an emphasis on the techniques required today in this industry. Regardless of which of these areas you intend to work in, mastery of bridal make-up is a must. In this course you will learn Smokey-eye techniques, building up your bridal makeup business, analyzing different makeup techniques, walking you through amazing bridal looks through layering of eye shadow and creating the most amazing effects on demand in this industry. The course finishes with complete make-up applications on 100% Bridal make-up. Hours: 56 Course Instructor: Mr. Mahmoud Morshed Prerequisites: Primary Module - Natural Makeup.

28.0 Smokey-Eye Unit

Able to apply natural, classic and dramatic Smokey eye with the precise tools, material and professional techniques.

28.0 Bridal Unit

  • - Able to build up your bridal business ranging from consultations, pricing and appropriate marketing techniques.
  • - Able to apply bridal makeup with the proper tools and techniques to achieve a bridal glow.
  • - Able to analyze different makeup looks and achieving them in 50 minutes.

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