What is Makeup?

Makeup is just highlighting every unique personal characteristic of you by using cosmetics for hair, body, and face like lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, body lotions, hair styling products and so much more, Makeup was proved to be known from the early ages as the ancient Egyptians and Greeks used the natural resources around them like bee-wax, olive oil, rosewater… to make makeup cosmetics, the makeup concepts and tools used had changed and evolved through different ages and cultures.

Makeup types:

Makeup is all about color harmony, so the morning makeup tends to be light and the groomed eyebrows frame your face and give you a better look with less eyeliner, using mascara correctly always gives you more feministic look.

Evening Makeup is characterized by using more glowy and heavier colors, so the eyeliner tends to be thicker and more curved line with adding some glitter and shiny colors, Smoky eyes is preferred in the evening events as its light-dark shade gives the eye deeper look and become perfect for photos.

Mahmoud Morshed is a skilful Makeup artist that respects the colors harmony as he regards the color of skin, hair, eyebrows and every facial detail, Mahmoud Morshed is characterized by applying the color correction theory as it depends on the complementary opposite colors in the color wheel, orange and blue, yellow and purple, red and green, as mixing each two opposite colors with ratio leads to reaching the skin tone, this theory depends on the skin color.

Mahmoud Morshed and his team are characterized by their integration of all Makeup services from Bridal, Microblading, eyelashes extensions, and every Makeup type, Mahmoud Morshed has his experience in managing events and they are always ready for any public or private event regardless how much makeup tasks required.

Why choose Morshed makeup?

Mahmoud Morshed has a very good history in makeup as he started working in makeup since 1995, as he started by working in many TV channels and films, which make him aware of cinematic special effects, but the real start of working professionally was in 2000 when he was 18 years old, all this long history in makeup make Mahmoud Morshed fully aware with the importance of Harmony between the face details, the skin tone, and the makeup technique, and colors that fits with each girl.

If you had an event and needs to be in your best look, just call us on 01000898515 from 9 AM 9 PM and reserve an appointment and we will be at your service.

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Makeup Team

Hassan Nageh
Professional makeup artist
Mostafa Ibrahim
Professional makeup artist
Mohamed Reda
Professional makeup artist - Microblading specialist
Ahmed Hassan
Professional makeup artist - Microblading specialist
Ahmed Morshed
Professional makeup artist - Microblading specialist