What is Microblading?

Microblading is resizing or reshaping the dimensions even the color of the eyebrows, at first the eyebrows are measured, drawn then numbed and prepared for the semi-permanent tattooing service, the natural pattern of the eyebrows is followed and recreated in the areas that are thinning or bare, Microblading defers from the traditional tattoo in the Microblading is using a blade to make fine slices in the skin to create each hairstroke while the traditional tattoo only uses the needle, another difference is that the needle used in Microblading is injected in the upper layer of skin while the needle of the traditional tattoo go deeper and it’s also permanent.

Why Morshed in Microblading?

What features Mahmoud Morshed than any other Microblading makeup artists is his respect to the bone structure of the eyebrows as he has not only one default eyebrows shape but he draws the eyebrows in each case individually according to what make the eye look normal, besides that Mahmoud Morshed has a good command of the latest Microblading techniques as he is professional in (strokes – strokes and shading) Microblading techniques.

if you want to reserve an appointment for Microblading service just call us on 01026694401 and will be at your service from 9 AM to 9 PM seven days per week.

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Microblading Team

Mohamed Reda
Professional makeup artist - Microblading specialist
Ahmed Hassan
Professional makeup artist - Microblading specialist
Ahmed Morshed
Professional makeup artist - Microblading specialist